VHDC was founded in 2014 by scientists, researchers and a group of enterprises specializing in manufacturing building materials. Our foundation and development are based on various business segments, distribution of building and interior materials.In Vietnam, we mainly distribute the new hi-tech products which are known as the eco-friendly materials and green materials. 

We not only have many different kinds of products, which are manufactured in Vietnam such as V-BLOCK bricks, V-BLOCK grout, GYPROC wall putty; but also have Granite, Marble that are imported directly from Italy, India. In addition, we supply some other products whose functions support and improve the quality of civil and industrial constructions. 

Above all, one of the biggest strengths is relating to the human because we have a team of young and highly qualified staff with the passion of scientific research. We always try to build up a high quality workforce that can adapt quickly to such a competitive market and meet the higher and higher demands of society. 
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