1. Working environment:

 With the motto of "Human is the core element of success", VHDC is looking forward to setting up a modern, fair and professional working environment where people’s value and talent are truly honored.  
• Open & respective communication;
• Creative & challenging work;
• Competitive & fair income;
• Clear & unlimited opportunity to learn and promote;
• Objective & logical assessment;
• Stable & long-term jobs;
• Attentive care of people’s life.

2. Corporate culture:

We want toVănhóacông ty
• Gain sustainable development;
• Be reliable partner domestically and internationally;
• Be ideal place for any staff.

3.  Salary & Award policy: 

          To encourage the staff to learn, improve skills, be active and be creative, we implement the income policy as follows:
-    In term of job position: every job has its own income according to qualification, experience and ability. 
-    In term of ability: in case, employees do the same job with the same responsibility but different capacity means different salary level.
-    In term of job performance: all employees are rewarded according to the job results or specific projects fairly and clearly. 

4. Benefit policy:

One of our primary considerations is taking care of physical & spiritual life for all staff. We are confident that we perform properly the salary and benefit policies just as the law’s regulations:

- Official labor contract which will be made upon the expiry of probation if the workers take on the job;
- Social insurance, health and umemployment insurance.
- Holidays as stipulated by the law;
- Severance allowances;
- Annually travel;
- Labor protection.

5. Development of human resources:

Developing human resource and training leader team in VHDC are considered as the key mission in our business strategy. All of our workers must own suitable knowledge, necessary skills, right attitude and dynamic response to serve customers efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, appropriate training not only achieves the best performance for current tasks, but also prepares abundant workforce for the future. 

Recognizing the significance of the talents, leadership attaches great importance to development of the company’s human resource, and considers it as a decisive factor in our success. Therefore, HR Department set up reasonable training plans based on job requirement and performance of individuals. We focus on establishing the training strategy for all positions.         
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