VHDC strives to become one of the leading distributors of building and interior materials in Vietnam in 2020. Moreover, our target is to provide the effective solutions of new building materials nationwide. We are committed to offering all of our products and services in the best manner so that we can bring the best satisfaction with the most effective solutions not only for our regular customers or partners, but also for our valuable employees, shareholders and the whole community. 

We focus on setting up a friendly, competitive and dedicated working environment in order to develop the qualified personnel who are always complying with our regulations and willing to try their best for the company success. 

Social Responsibility 

- Environment: VHDC understands that environmental protection should be performed completely, continuously and effectively because of the climate change, depleted natural resources exploitation and use of polluted production technology. Therefore, VHDC concentrates on researching and manufacturing environmentally friendly products.

- Social activities: We regularly sponsor for public works, the Summer Campaigns with the objective of supporting poor children, building up new streets or new bridges over dangerous rivers. Besides, charity fundraising is one of our frequent activities to assist the community, especially for disadvantaged children. 
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